The Black Hole by C.F. Leach

Depression is like a black hole in space;
That devours all your positive thoughts and leaves you without a trace…

Or a clue as to who you are or what you should do.
Making you cross-examine your inner self: “Are you really you?”

A bottomless pit so deep, negative and strong;
Constantly emitting thoughts to your mind that your entire existence is wrong.

It causes you to become reclusive, desiring to be alone in the dark…
Traveling along cosines, sines, tangents and arcs.

Extending endlessly into total nothingness—naught.
Trying to seduce your mind away from all good and pure thoughts.

Soon self-pity, denial and anxiety move in,
Now you’re not sure where you are; even worse where you’ve been!

Add to this collage of emotions a dose of wrath;
You’re angry with yourself—you’ve chosen the wrong path.

Now panicked, neurotic and all in a tizzy;
You find yourself now really getting dizzy.

You’re too fat, you’re too thin;
You’re all alone, you have no friends.

You’re too old; your hair is getting gray,
All life’s ambitions are starting to slip away.

You’re too poor and the rest of the world is rich.
Now you fallen into the pitch…

Of the black hole, no sides, bottom or top.
When will all this insanity finally stop?

Spending money—shopping to ward off the strain;
Drinking and doing drugs to obliviously ease the pain.

But when you come back to yourself—number one;
You’re right back where you first begun.

Only now it’s much worse;
Suddenly you find yourself going through life in reverse.

So if you encounter a black hole that tries to suck you in,
Don’t let it psych you out my analytical friend.

Thank the Lord daily, never cease to pray and just keep your own pace,
Even if it means “time out” from this madness they call the human race.
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About the Poet:

C.F. Leach is an author and blogger, who received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management from Rasmussen College in 2016. She  is a member of the International Association of Writers and Editors and is also a member of the Tampa Writers Alliance. But in 2008 was diagnosed with Leukemia and only given days to live. But by God’s grace she is still here today as a living testimony that God can do anything but fail. This is the motivation for her website and books.

12 thoughts on “The Black Hole by C.F. Leach

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  1. Awesome poem, very touching, on the third line, the word ‘wrong’ is blocked out and the reader didn’t know there was a slide bar at the bottom of the poem and it left a fuzzy feeling not knowing the word. I am glad the slide bar was there. Because it helped complete the poem for the reader knowing the word 🙂 Very enjoyable. Thank you.

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  2. Your poem reminded me of my mom’s writing style, as well as capturing her poetically descriptive experiences with depression. It may sound dark, but you just brought light to my day in that way. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for that C.F. Leach! Ari

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  3. The love of my life was diagnosed with BPD. Somebody described it as having a black hole inside of her. It sucked in much that wasn’t good for her.

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      1. She passed on in 2016. She smoked about 3 packs a day besides being on a cocktail of several psychotic drugs. She was my ex wife (I married her twice), and was 53 when she died.


    1. Rene thank you so much for your inspirational words. Yes, I was so thankful to be healed. Hopefully, this will encourage others too. Thank you for your positive feedback. Blessings and Peace.


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