Love and Loss by Arthur Lamar Mitchell

If by fortune We’ve traveled down that long road With those whom we’ve dearly loved, Old friends that were always there Only to precede us slowly one by one Into that eternal starless night,                                                   We mourn in silence the loss. But when a soul-mate passes on, We feel as if falling into a black hole... Continue Reading →

Dear Dusk by Yash Seyedbagheri

Dear dusk, why are you so fleeting? lady lavender pink swirls across consciousness and I try to hold on hold onto the image, the vastness of shadows across the roads, deep and darting, like youthful dancers but you disappear too soon, like so many loved visions, replaced by cold star stabs. why must you fade?... Continue Reading →

Hand-Me-Downs by Barbara A. Meier

i did the laundry silencing the buzzer to keep the babies sleeping i made dinners mopped the floor so little hands and feet could crawl the linoleum floor i guess i dressed  you like orphans with hand me downs from Aunt Susan i wore hand-me-downs from cousins it didn’t bother me life in hand me... Continue Reading →

The Former Famines by Lauren M. Hancock

There were times when I ate nothing but  plumes of poisoned smog for days on end.  I’d avoid anything heavy or even meagrely there,  to place a mere morsel in my mouth was something  too tempting and somehow undignified,  something forbidden,     leading to:  a loss of control,  frenzied ingestion,  then disgust with myself —  reaching... Continue Reading →

Deep Feel by Yuan Changming

I love my native country  As vehemently   As I detest its culture   I love my father As much As I dislike his personality   I love my son As greatly As I deplore his lifestyle   I love my selfhood As dearly as the whole human race As I despise its animalness  Photo by... Continue Reading →

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