Another Time, This Same Moon by D.R. James

Another time, this same moon, which free-hands its flat arc across a fathomless slate of nighttime sky, supplied so much duplicitous reason that the warmest stretch ever of endless kissing seemed also to signal an endless love. Have others believed in such infinite moments? Maybe the fire and the jazz and the lips touching just... Continue Reading →

Paper Cup by Gina Maria Manchego

I rested my head on the crux of his chest, there I heard the tumult. Wave after wave of tempestuous rhythm crashed against his rib cage. He was a vast ocean of torment. An upturn of violent discourse beat against my ear. When had I become his lifeboat, weather-worn and ravaged by the torrents of... Continue Reading →

Crumbling by Richard M. Ankers

My mother baked an apple crumble, Golden brown over green. She did everything right, Followed the recipe to perfection, Warmed her hands on the oven door whilst checking. When it came out? Just a stodgy mess. Some said she’d stewed it too long. Others claimed the apples bruised. One said they were rotten. But you... Continue Reading →

Much like the bat. by DS Maolalai

and I (much as the stream slows past bends which come continuously, as it flashes its fins like rings on a king- fisher’s fingers, on the arms of married women and unsettled wild young men) will one day retire my flouncing, settle down, after I have lived finally in enough places to see that one... Continue Reading →

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