Then by Lynn White

She’s standing still  pale as England,  slim and serious as I stood  then. Hair chopped  above her shoulders with a little curl allowed as mine was  then. A little curl allowed, in memory of it’s ringlets earlier than then. Then it grew longer  and we pulled it straight. So now, it’s more like it was ... Continue Reading →

Things Come in Threes by Wesley Moore

Until they think warm days will never cease.- John Keats, "To Autumn" Like the faint semi-tragic scent of tea olive, the epitome of ephemera, the butterfly flits among lantana and disappears.   Hummingbirds hover; barred clouds bloom. The retreating sun draws in its long shadows, Then slowly dims the lights.   Bravo! Encore! Encore! Four... Continue Reading →

Gustavo’s Rite by Ed Ahern

He walked onto the harbor beach at sunset, planting a small net on a pole like a guidon, and setting soiled cloth bags around it. Alone on the beach he began his dance. Mismatched clothes flapping, he swayed, then paced, then crouched to pat the sand into a crescent, then stepped back and back, dug... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Ephemeral Elegies!

Today marks the one year anniversary of me purchasing the domain for Ephemeral Elegies and hatching an idea that has really blossomed this year! Over the past year, this humble poetry journal has had 136 posts with 21,887 views. It’s been an honor to work with so many talented poets from all over the globe – highlighting... Continue Reading →

Dyslexia by Tori Campbell

sometimes the words jump around and the letters are backwards when I read out loud I try to keep up with the moving words as though they’re on a treadmill but my pace has to match its speed immaculately  but usually I fall too fast or too slow and even if it’s just right my... Continue Reading →

Indicant by Sanjeev Sethi

Each and every separation isn’t severance. Some are thanks to temporal calls: choices imposed upon us.   Partings: the last moments reveal the ardor in the association. Was it leisurely or hasty leave-taking? Photo by Martino Grua on About the Poet: Sanjeev Sethi is published in over 30 countries. He has more than 1300 poems... Continue Reading →

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