Ice Cream by S.F. Wright

Even as A junkie, I longed for The things I thought I should Want to Feel. Photo by Gantas Vaiu010diulu0117nas on About the Poet: S.F. Wright lives and teaches in New Jersey. His work has appeared in Hobart, Linden Avenue Literary Journal, and Elm Leaves Journal, among other places. His short story collection, The... Continue Reading →

Nothing Hill by Yash Seyedbagheri 

I stand atop a hill flame-colored and golden leaves shimmering across a field the Ponderosas rise with verdant smiles row by row and I stretch my flesh worn arms out, my flaccid figure releasing dormant energy while the breeze tickles a spire shimmers somewhere like The Sound of Music below, the credit card capos demand... Continue Reading →

Christmas Time by Marius Alexandru

It’s snowing beautifully outside, crystals are flying everywhere, The streets are covered in bright white, and love is in the air, Frozen windows, tremble when happy carolers are passing by, White angels, disguised in soft flakes are dancing in the sky. I’m snuggled up, all warm and cozy by my fireplace, inside, The sound of... Continue Reading →

Magic Words by Lynn White

Magic Words They say you have a magic tongue that can weave the words falling from your mouth into tapestries laced with gold thread. Curl the words into scented ringlets of flowers formed by petals shining like stars even in the sunlight. I want to catch them and hold on to them without any rearranging.... Continue Reading →

Molting by Andrea Festa

Its shell allows the lobster to grow in a constant state of infinite metamorphosis, adapting by needling its plumpness into every salty nook and cranny of armor like polycarbonate, both in simultaneous protection and prison, until, at last, it shatters the proverbial ceiling and wriggles free its naked, ancient body out into the sea’s thousand... Continue Reading →

Time’s Thief by Gloria Buckley

Our nocturnal conversations Have ceased You are gone You are fading Into past tense Just me. This Pandemic Time’s thief And my fleeting moments Of peace with you Holding you one last time. I remain heartbroken Less angry More pensive than sorrowful Still easily tears tug quickly The abyss of your life A blinding dark... Continue Reading →

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