Scenes from a Fugitive by Michael Igoe

I assemble all I possess out of cold ground. At certain moments, something's rude, another thing prefixes everything I do. I manage to clear space away from the precipice. Both things, ground and precipice, are in order: one denies another in each wave of features. Time is occupied with what is inborn. These assessments under... Continue Reading →

Daddy by Leila Samarrai

You, with a wax masque of a Summer rain, inconstant scatterbrain Know: the love of fathers is hell on a st(ake)rand! You, with your limb more stiff than the dogmas of Lucifer. Who have you forgot to permeate: The Woman: who is a river ( for she flowed to you) The Daughter: who is volcanine... Continue Reading →

Walk Away by Yves K. Morrow

In the soles of your boots I followed you, piecemeal, down the stairs. Down and down you went unaware that your cruelty held me hostage. It's not an exaggeration to say that you were a psychopath and I am certain that there are others who suspected. Only a shell could protect against your trespass and... Continue Reading →

What is an Elegy?

So, what is an elegy? While commonly used to reflect on death, an elegy is any poem that contains a serious reflection. Here at Ephemeral Elegies, we want to read your reflections about life, love, and loss. Confessional poetry can be hugely cathartic, and we exist to support and share your poetic journeys. Photo by... Continue Reading →

What is Confessional Poetry?

Photo by Kat Jayne on In brief, Confessional Poetry is personal. It is self-reflective and written in first-person. This type of poetry rose to prominence in the 1950s and 60s and discussed previously taboo issues: mental health, trauma, and relationship strife. Some of the most well-known poets in this style are Anne Sexton and... Continue Reading →

Open to Submissions

Now looking for poetry to launch January 2020's inaugural issue! Photo by Victor on Welcome to Ephemeral Elegies - the home for poems about emotional experiences. Inspired by the confessional poets such as Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath, we invite submissions about personal experiences and reflections. As an emerging publication, we can only offer... Continue Reading →

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