Calling in Silence by Fabrice Poussin

This is a lucky place thought I as I sat in obscurity.   I recall no beginning can fathom no likely exit.   I am, simply with a vision housed in the noble envelope a treasure uncertain of its form gently inviting to the traveler.     Senses beyond the earthly realm shedding the obsolete particles... Continue Reading →

Empty Plate by Tom Zimmerman

So, all this feeding. Kisses come to mind. And mouths have teeth. The vampire wakes, and rouses with it appetites as old as friends. A melody, or sacrifice of self: the only things that make me cry. So sadness, being beauty’s daughter, tells me why I eat: to fatten on the world, to hope that... Continue Reading →

My Uncle’s Ashes by David Spicer

Some of us suffer insult after death. Like stammering Uncle Bob, who died of cancer after my wild-eyed sister welcomed him to stay. His chance for a friend, she rebelled against their mad clan of mean drunks, disloyal liars, and butcher-knife siblings shunning him for serving time twice for theft. He painted her portrait with... Continue Reading →

Hourglass by Tom Zimmerman

That shifting pile of grains, my lifetime of decisions, leads me here: Too late for “now.” Only “then” and “when” in the toolbox. What to build with that? What to fix? How well have I learned to use these tools? How many scars, misshapen nails along the way? Sitting back is more uncomfortable than I’d... Continue Reading →

Crysta’s Lullaby by Gloria Buckley

This wound That holds your heart Ransom with pain Resonates out to each of us Who care so deeply For your wellbeing. Promises of light Etch like scratches on A frozen window pane Indistinguishable, inconsolable Inconceivable. Yet we know and we wait For more moments Of filtering light That lingers hope for more than Mere... Continue Reading →

Just for a Moment by Jeri Thompson

Waiting to be released from the ward, I play ping pong with Wesley. We are laughing, I keep missing the ball. I’m surprised at his patience with me. A social worker calls him away, when he returns he’s pale. I see him slide down against the wall, arms wrap around drawn-up knees. His head down,... Continue Reading →

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