Brand New by Holly Day

I threw away everything that came before he was in my life so I could pretend that I was brand new just like the baby I held in my arms, just like the perfect baby that somehow came out of me Photo by TUBARONES PHOTOGRAPHY on About the Poet: Holly Day’s poetry has recently appeared... Continue Reading →

On the Outskirts by Gloria Buckley

I waited for you As on the muddy heath Outskirts While Thornfield Hall Bled the past ablaze Furious flames That vanquished all that Was.   I waited for you Haunted Psychotic and hallucinatory Thoughts Like Manderly Burning into darkness One last rancid breath As I corked the bottle.   I waited for you A midtown,... Continue Reading →

(Not) You by Edward Lee

I have written so many poems about you, for you, snuck you into fictions and abstract paintings, disguised you into nothingness, shone a knowing spotlight on your unforgotten skin, I feel I should pay you royalties. But of course, I won't, and will deny all your guest appearances in my words and strokes, say it... Continue Reading →

Fidelity by Brian Rihlmann

It seems so far away now that place where I once stood and  peered out like the beam of a lighthouse  over an ocean of possibility  back when I knew  that out there somewhere  among all those faces was love and happiness  there’d be hand-in-hand walks  through woods and gardens and along rocky shores there’d... Continue Reading →

My Sister Maud by Lynn White

I had a sister once. Her name was Maud. I never knew her, never even knew of her. No one said. Not our father,  or his son, not my mother,  no one. No one spoke. All were mute for Maud. She never grew old, never even grew up. And her little life  became engulfed in... Continue Reading →

Rain by M. Taggart

I don’t write about flowers or love, or the embrace of a lover because so many do this so wonderfully that I would rather read their version of beauty than replay mine. Instead I write about how rain watches me- Eyes dangling, while falling but cannot speak what is seen -Who was I to ever... Continue Reading →

Tragedy Thursday Night by Wayne Harmon

With hands in gloves, and face mask tight, I’m sheltered, home, alone. My door is locked, the blinds are drawn, Connected only by Internet and phone. Just when I think that I may survive, Life takes a somber token. Alas, I think I’ll starve to death. My can opener has just broken. Photo by Guilherme... Continue Reading →

Amputated Parts by John Tustin

I used to love the cold nights, The nights so cold outside that I could feel it in my nice warm house. When she was here we’d get under the covers And we’d talk, Her body up against mine emanating heat. I’d fall asleep after she did and I’d sleep through the night.   Tonight... Continue Reading →

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