Resentment by Yves K. Morrow

I watch him for a long time my soul beating itself to death behind two blue, convex windows. He lies flat, face white as an envelope, eyes motionless and entombed. There is only water between us fathoms of tears curdled and blackened by unresolveable tempests. His kisses are soft and evocative like smoke but he... Continue Reading →

Childless by David Spicer

After my father’s funeral, in my mother’s living room of cheap recliners, a television terminal with audio gloom, and a sofa of sags, an aunt’s pipe-smoking husband asked, Are you going to have kids? I scowled, Not your business, but no. He said, Come on, Clare, let’s go, your nephew didn’t like my question, and as they drove away... Continue Reading →

Belong by Prarthana Vijayakumar

How you slip deftly between my fingers vagrant moonbeams dissolving into sand upon my touch. We know the contrast  between heat and warmth. Your presence justifies both. We burned, we raged and we gave each other warmth our silences drenched the firmament dark. We adorned it in stars. Photo by Johannes Rapprich on About the Poet:... Continue Reading →

Good News by Connor Orrico

In the waiting room I stare down at my worn shoes, holes in the fabric where a child's superhero sneakers might light up. Contrasting dirt brown against sterile white flooring, the picture is familiar and again I wonder if these feet will ever bring good news to someone like me in the future. I guess... Continue Reading →

Too Much by Joan Colby

It was like running cool water over your wrists On the hottest day of the summer. Windless and wordless.   Like clouds lumbering up the slope of the sky Burdened with moisture like Sherpas Who do this for the money.   Like those who died on the trek Wanting to accomplish something They could not... Continue Reading →

Lineup by Sanjeev Sethi

Distance intensifies echo of matters  kept muted for sake of sodality. Space dulls emotional density, freeing us from its dominance. Mental images are reappropriations. More us at the moment than the faithful staging of sequences. Photo by ArtHouse Studio on About the Poet: Sanjeev Sethi is published in over 30 countries. He has more than... Continue Reading →

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