Sparrow by Catherine Zickgraf

I know there’s nothing God can’t forgive,                    as Bible-study ladies have told me for decades.   In my mass of archives is a button box   from each of my grandmothers, lost  inside bins of files in dining room corners  of the dream house he built for me.      My mind broke ten months into the year ... Continue Reading →

Else by Gale Acuff

I walk home from Sunday School but like that corny song proclaims I'll never walk a -lone, I guess that God walks with me, maybe Jesus, too, and then there's the Holy Ghost and Satan makes 'em all like four horsemen and when that came to me in the rising sum -mer heat I got scared... Continue Reading →

My Words by Lavita Saikia

Weaving my dreams into a blanket of words, I find solace emptying my heart, My words too suppressed and too silent, Otherwise in this gloomy world! Sitting in my spot, observing the world, Lips quivering to utter a word, Letters flow like the notes in music, Adorned with a string of mellifluous sounds! I heard... Continue Reading →

Info by Sanjeev Sethi

To find the self I have to curl  out of my safety net. In the library of ideas I lose myself.   Examples of things or peeps during palavers you slot as my leanings not realizing what is said isn’t necessarily a hint of the hush-hush. Passwords are rarely tossed around. Photo by Zichuan Han... Continue Reading →

Last Drink by Yash Seyedbagheri

The pink and purple jukebox pumps Kenny Rogers checking in on my condition behind a booth. again last call wafts over wooden-paneled counters into my ripped, soothing seat into a half-empty glass of Merlot my fourth or is it my fifth? fuck it, it's my sixth. but a face with steel star eyes waits to... Continue Reading →

Isolated by Marysa Storm

I’d learned to love the walls you built I covered them in poetry, and made a home of the wallpaper. I splattered my thoughts for anyone to read, and made art out of imprisonment. Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on About the Poet: Marysa Storm is an 18 year old poet currently residing in Florida.... Continue Reading →

Drowning by Jodie Baeyens

Falling in love with you  Would be like drowning If I let go  Even for a second Stopped fighting And slipped under The water I would never Be able to come  Back up for air  Photo by Life Of Pix on About the Poet: Jodie Baeyens was deposited in rural Arizona from Manhattan, against... Continue Reading →

Remnants of Memories by Robin McNamara

Autumn came earlier  With the premature end of August. The death of memories,  The remnants of a favourite   Holiday moment, Now confined to the past, Before it’s time was there to recall From an album of snapshots,  Gathering dust. Ponds of reflections rippled by a stone  Of doubt. Was it a happy memory?  Perhaps... Continue Reading →

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