Strange by Askold Skalsky

Is it so strange after two years, still no peace with your leaving? The horizon never moves, lying quietly in its bed of distant scars and slants. I look above the tension wires over the sky darkening at four o'clock. The wire leads somewhere, brings something into a house where the cabinets are stocked with... Continue Reading →

The Stars are Naked by John Tustin

The stars are naked And when they cast their eyes down upon me, Tossed like a million dice, I shiver in my clothes and blankets – Wishing I could be concealed. Photo by Andre Moura on About the Poet: John Tustin is currently suffering in exile on the island of Elba but hopes to... Continue Reading →

Change in the World by John Grey

The storm’s fireworks will be nothing by midnight. So quiet, you’ll hear the worms in the soil, the ants in the rafters. For an hour or so, the world will be in the sky, flashing and pounding, pissing down like a locker-room of giants. But later, when clouds drift away, the night becomes transparent all... Continue Reading →

Every Surface Green by DS Maolalai

like water which seeps from a badly blocked faucet, nature pushes in through the city where it can. these old unused carparks, the yellow eyes of dandelions, striped grass raising shadow; a pavement tiger line, rippled by some minor city breeze. birds constructing bowers on brick-built cliff- side buildings. cats stalk, tails rising, flying flags... Continue Reading →

I Need You by Marius Alexandru

Every night I dream your kisses, Your gentle touches and your sweet perfume, Last summer’s endless, silent blisses, Your magic eyes, your youthful bloom. I can feel your hand in my ruffled hair, The love that’s coming from your moving lips, Do you want that love with me to share, and to sail forever in... Continue Reading →

Dust by Tobias Maxwell

The dust on my shelves reflects a life of its own, A flecked veneer whose pallor suggests time. Where did it go, it seems to say, How was it, the journey to get us here? Was the faltering anyone’s to blame? I had you pegged for more than this, The cluttered messiness implies— More than... Continue Reading →

Addiction by Leon Stevens

Addiction is a hand On your back Pushing you forward Without regard For the crowd Addiction covers your eyes So that you cannot see The harm being done Addiction plugs your ears And makes you oblivious Addiction shushes you When you try to ask for help Addiction is strong Until you face it Unblinking Unmoving... Continue Reading →

Mound by Robert Beveridge

The mound had never been there before when we pulled in and parked in the field behind my house. You had never been there before, either, and you laughed, saying your life was in my hands. The mound looked so small in the middle of the field, so innocent, untouched yet by human feet. We... Continue Reading →

Invisible by Lynn White

For a long time, such a long time, invisibility has ironed out the creases in my soul, so I can hide, so I can decide if I want to be seen. I was always hiding. But now invisibility hides me even from myself. It imagines my future as it has distorted my past, separated me... Continue Reading →

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