Then by Lynn White

She’s standing still  pale as England,  slim and serious as I stood  then. Hair chopped  above her shoulders with a little curl allowed as mine was  then. A little curl allowed, in memory of it’s ringlets earlier than then. Then it grew longer  and we pulled it straight. So now, it’s more like it was ... Continue Reading →

Things Come in Threes by Wesley Moore

Until they think warm days will never cease.- John Keats, "To Autumn" Like the faint semi-tragic scent of tea olive, the epitome of ephemera, the butterfly flits among lantana and disappears.   Hummingbirds hover; barred clouds bloom. The retreating sun draws in its long shadows, Then slowly dims the lights.   Bravo! Encore! Encore! Four... Continue Reading →

Gustavo’s Rite by Ed Ahern

He walked onto the harbor beach at sunset, planting a small net on a pole like a guidon, and setting soiled cloth bags around it. Alone on the beach he began his dance. Mismatched clothes flapping, he swayed, then paced, then crouched to pat the sand into a crescent, then stepped back and back, dug... Continue Reading →

Dyslexia by Tori Campbell

sometimes the words jump around and the letters are backwards when I read out loud I try to keep up with the moving words as though they’re on a treadmill but my pace has to match its speed immaculately  but usually I fall too fast or too slow and even if it’s just right my... Continue Reading →

Indicant by Sanjeev Sethi

Each and every separation isn’t severance. Some are thanks to temporal calls: choices imposed upon us.   Partings: the last moments reveal the ardor in the association. Was it leisurely or hasty leave-taking? Photo by Martino Grua on About the Poet: Sanjeev Sethi is published in over 30 countries. He has more than 1300 poems... Continue Reading →

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