Magic Words by Lynn White

Magic Words They say you have a magic tongue that can weave the words falling from your mouth into tapestries laced with gold thread. Curl the words into scented ringlets of flowers formed by petals shining like stars even in the sunlight. I want to catch them and hold on to them without any rearranging.... Continue Reading →

Molting by Andrea Festa

Its shell allows the lobster to grow in a constant state of infinite metamorphosis, adapting by needling its plumpness into every salty nook and cranny of armor like polycarbonate, both in simultaneous protection and prison, until, at last, it shatters the proverbial ceiling and wriggles free its naked, ancient body out into the sea’s thousand... Continue Reading →

Time’s Thief by Gloria Buckley

Our nocturnal conversations Have ceased You are gone You are fading Into past tense Just me. This Pandemic Time’s thief And my fleeting moments Of peace with you Holding you one last time. I remain heartbroken Less angry More pensive than sorrowful Still easily tears tug quickly The abyss of your life A blinding dark... Continue Reading →

Autumn is Coming by Marius Alexandru

The Summer is slowly passing, and the green is dying, The garden of flowers loses its color, The white storks, slowly, slowly are being lost in the heights, Tomorrow's world will be much duller. The scent of the flower perishes in steam at dusk, It smells like a dried, baked rusk. In grandparent's yard, under... Continue Reading →

Interims by Stephen Mead

Rain from the north, about trees mist is lifting. We have come here for a short space as though blown by some reckoning havoc. At first it was unconvincing, that grey, ineluctable vapor, those droplets, sparse & thin. Then the wind billowed & such gales, celestial presences, enveloped us sheet-swept. Like figures at a party,... Continue Reading →

Sunset Stripped by D.R. James

An orange sun descends like a slow-mo yo-yo toward where this Great Lake’s turned purple. I’d wanted it to sing back-up to a love song but as it dripped from its last slip of cloud like a tear from a bloody lid I knew meager romance was doomed. Nature— her two-faced refrain: one moment a... Continue Reading →

Hanged by John Tustin

I hanged myself beneath the tree Where we first kissed That kiss has followed me Although you have not And even now in death It lies warm upon my lips Warm and burning Soothing and bright Upon lips now dead But still so alive with the phantom of you Photo by veeterzy on About... Continue Reading →

Soul Liberation! by Ari Bouse

When gently gazing at my disease to please in the mirror . . . I compassionately see your own need to be needed reflecting back at me. Are they really any different? Such attachments invite seductive medications, like band aids or other life support systems. But when we find the courage to go beyond drinking... Continue Reading →

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