Avalanche by John Tustin

I have tried to bury you In a mountain of typed pages. All of these pages, The nightly tappity tap of the keyboard As my mind goes backward to moments, Sentences, a touch Trapped always in the amber inside my skull. This mountain, it keeps growing And growing. Sometimes, like last night, I began to... Continue Reading →

Dissolved by Sanket Mhatre

Words are made of air Paper thin ether – supposed to last a day, sometimes a moment The blink of an eye – when past is replaced with remembrance deep from the soil of tinted papers mulch of yesterdays from libraries where dust encrusted lines were fences into another world Words that can germinate under... Continue Reading →

Eternity by Tobias Maxwell

Do we remember that first cry we made, Having struggled to arrive amidst our mother’s screams, All that pushing and straining, yelling and groaning, That shift from the embryonic sac With its life-saving fluid, Into the world of breathing chaos? This bric-a-brac life with all its flavors, Untold tragedies and comedies that piled up Along... Continue Reading →

Snowbound by John Grey

Snow falls, we are cast off from friends and neighbors, skin blue, our boots too deep for forward progress. A wind-slapped hermitage begins with hands rubbing, eyes watering, breath lingering on the lips like fog. Winter dates count down, take daylight with them, until they most resemble graves. We are both the mourners and the... Continue Reading →

28 by Jeniya Mard

an elegy for my sister You were seven when I was born, and they say you lived the lives of many people and in under thirty years. you experienced millions of smiles, laughs, and tears woven into ten thousand, three hundred and twenty-one days of love. and for the rest of my days I promise... Continue Reading →

After the Picnic by Susan Van Pelt Petry

The sandwich bones left, the falling tide sucked through the gut, the wind snapped southeast, deep Atlantic blew in and the fog arrived.   All lilt and laughter turned trembling, wet, dropped below deck, a halyard slacked, the genoa flapped, and a loon cried.   Sounds from the shore echoed and slurred. The sky smudged... Continue Reading →

Fluorescent Angels by Jennifer Klein

Pacing around the hospital room Celebrating my life beginning anew While mere feet away many Loved will shortly ascend Seeing their last glows of fluorescent lights before The End I know most associate them with stale coffee But I always felt they shone down quite heavenly Sparkling and igniting inner luminosity I hope the Loved... Continue Reading →

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