Face My Daemon by Tosin Morakinyo

I woke up early to see Life wriggle his waist Without feeling a twist. Everything was going As planned in no rush Unknown it was a brainwash. Before the arrival of noon I've been trapped in between A sancrosanct life and sin. My life became an oxymoron With the duo of joy and sadness Walking... Continue Reading →

Desolation by Robin McNamara

Metallic silver skies shading the hour that’s come with an un-future day scrape the minutes together with copper dreams of tomorrow’s gold Oh don’t you see the folly of a thousand byes  fading the night that came in my out of season grey escape the hours forever with the false dreams sold Oh can’t you... Continue Reading →

Decomposing Heart by Yves K. Morrow

A ricocheting heart that disembarks passionless will inevitably decay. Secret-keeping has calcified my heart and for each scar there is a risk that I will never take, a life that I will never live, and a regret that will swallow me whole. Prolific, my tears have exceeded their worth. I, who am more conscious of... Continue Reading →

Open to Submissions

Now looking for poetry to launch January 2020's inaugural issue! Photo by Victor on Pexels.com Welcome to Ephemeral Elegies - the home for poems about emotional experiences. Inspired by the confessional poets such as Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath, we invite submissions about personal experiences and reflections. As an emerging publication, we can only offer... Continue Reading →

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