Just for a Moment by Jeri Thompson

Waiting to be released from the ward, I play ping pong with Wesley. We are laughing, I keep missing the ball. I’m surprised at his patience with me. A social worker calls him away, when he returns he’s pale. I see him slide down against the wall, arms wrap around drawn-up knees. His head down,... Continue Reading →

My White Dove by John Grey

You have the innocence – no doubt about it – and your beauty’s long been welcomed into the orbit of my eyes. And then there’s the simplicity –             the deceptive kind,             like with your docility             (somewhat misleading)... Continue Reading →

Matured Mettle: Busy Being Born or Dying by Gerard Sarnat

Watching together as relatives, friends pass-on        a few whisper, Ger’s      kinder man now than used to be as invincible fellow teenager…               Yesterday I eyed a weary woman housecleaner glancing tearily at tarnished bronze  figurine         which when we bought small cabin looked beyond woodsy expanse from front porch -- before my wife demanded        ... Continue Reading →

Face My Daemon by Tosin Morakinyo

I woke up early to see Life wriggle his waist Without feeling a twist. Everything was going As planned in no rush Unknown it was a brainwash. Before the arrival of noon I've been trapped in between A sancrosanct life and sin. My life became an oxymoron With the duo of joy and sadness Walking... Continue Reading →

Desolation by Robin McNamara

Metallic silver skies shading the hour that’s come with an un-future day scrape the minutes together with copper dreams of tomorrow’s gold Oh don’t you see the folly of a thousand byes  fading the night that came in my out of season grey escape the hours forever with the false dreams sold Oh can’t you... Continue Reading →

Decomposing Heart by Yves K. Morrow

A ricocheting heart that disembarks passionless will inevitably decay. Secret-keeping has calcified my heart and for each scar there is a risk that I will never take, a life that I will never live, and a regret that will swallow me whole. Prolific, my tears have exceeded their worth. I, who am more conscious of... Continue Reading →

Rumpled Rose by Tosin Morakinyo

A solitary gardener I was rendering the garden under my watchful eyes. Bones grew weary as the day strolls piecemeal.  Like Adam's was there a helpmeet  for me to make lighter heavy burden Her beauty transcends Belinda's and Her heart could drive nut the oceans.  I'd let smile fly out of its nest: my mouth... Continue Reading →

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