Slowing Down

Dear Readers, I just wanted to send a quick note to let everyone know that Ephemeral Elegies will be slowing down and going back to one poem a week for the foreseeable future. It's been great to be able to produce more content over the last few months, and I'm so grateful for all the... Continue Reading →

Submersion by Sam Barbee

My eyes close, surrounded by bluest sea. I bob virgin tides, never backstroked before. Body prone, angled headfirst into swells. Parabolic currents baptize, salt water’s gender nurturing each raw scar to a wrinkle. No corner to bend in underwater dark, light assembles the surface to snatch starlight. My confession gasps, sealed in single syllables. I... Continue Reading →

Legacy by Lynn White

Vera Lynn was a famous singer, the Forces Sweetheart, no less. My mother was Vera, so I should be Lynn. My mother liked things to be right. But even more than the correctness of Vera and Lynn, she abhorred diminutives. They were definitely not right. So I must have a name which could not be... Continue Reading →

Flesh and Bone by Kathi Crawford

Part One— Birth upon birth upon birth made us; a miracle of inherited flesh and bone. Our tethered hearts severed the day you left me at the door; my forehead pressed against the glass as rivulets of tears drained from my eyes. Part Two— It is said mothers raise daughters and love their sons. You... Continue Reading →

Configurations by R. Gerry Fabian

If you are a lost myth why do you haunt me? Nowhere has simple limits. Yet I explore each slight hope as it presents itself and retain just the glimpse of some expectations. We are imitations of collected sources with such potential only as a single response to correct a failure or establish success. So... Continue Reading →

Trifecta by Wayne F. Burke

I had a triple bypass surgery and died on the table and was revived: did not know of my demise until I read the doctor's report on his desk while his back was turned to me. One out of every thousand they said, before wheeling me to the operating room door where the doc stood... Continue Reading →

Terminal by Simon MacCulloch

Somewhere in the city far from home A railway station where the trains don’t stop A place where echoing footsteps coldly drop Into emptiness, partnered only By a humming, blank and lonely A power station where the dull ghosts roam. I walked its platform as the evening fell A long still dusk as summer softly... Continue Reading →

Owls by Aurora Bishop

I dream of owls ancestral sages they should bring wisdom but in the darkness they are harbingers warning of suffocation hooting caution they say don't let out the light. About the Poet: Aurora Bishop is a poet and visual artist based out of Cincinnati, OH.

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