Info by Sanjeev Sethi

To find the self I have to curl  out of my safety net. In the library of ideas I lose myself.   Examples of things or peeps during palavers you slot as my leanings not realizing what is said isn’t necessarily a hint of the hush-hush. Passwords are rarely tossed around. Photo by Zichuan Han... Continue Reading →

Last Drink by Yash Seyedbagheri

The pink and purple jukebox pumps Kenny Rogers checking in on my condition behind a booth. again last call wafts over wooden-paneled counters into my ripped, soothing seat into a half-empty glass of Merlot my fourth or is it my fifth? fuck it, it's my sixth. but a face with steel star eyes waits to... Continue Reading →

Isolated by Marysa Storm

I’d learned to love the walls you built I covered them in poetry, and made a home of the wallpaper. I splattered my thoughts for anyone to read, and made art out of imprisonment. Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on About the Poet: Marysa Storm is an 18 year old poet currently residing in Florida.... Continue Reading →

Drowning by Jodie Baeyens

Falling in love with you  Would be like drowning If I let go  Even for a second Stopped fighting And slipped under The water I would never Be able to come  Back up for air  Photo by Life Of Pix on About the Poet: Jodie Baeyens was deposited in rural Arizona from Manhattan, against... Continue Reading →

Remnants of Memories by Robin McNamara

Autumn came earlier  With the premature end of August. The death of memories,  The remnants of a favourite   Holiday moment, Now confined to the past, Before it’s time was there to recall From an album of snapshots,  Gathering dust. Ponds of reflections rippled by a stone  Of doubt. Was it a happy memory?  Perhaps... Continue Reading →

Safeword by John Hulme

We covered so much floor with all those words, still with our mountains locked beyond the walls. I wish there had been a safe word for those little sessions in the kitchen - those slow mosquito raids on my soul, always to the clink of glasses and the stale stench of one too  many. I... Continue Reading →

Hope by Coco Kiju

I should’ve believed you when you said it was over.  Should have thought deep with a mind sober.  Instead of acting out and losing composure,  I should’ve tried to get some kind of closure. The next time around, I shouldn't have given in.  But your charm and charisma managed to lure me in.  If only... Continue Reading →

Taking Another Road by Tori Campbell

Uncertainty follows behind  Every moment Like a shadow I can pretend it’s not there But my sense of control Is but an illusion My power stems from lack of reaction The environment will do as it pleases Circumstances of a higher power Mind of infinite abilities If we use the muscles correctly Maybe we can... Continue Reading →

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