iambic pentameter by Palash Mahmud

[i] what if a promise comes back drills your amygdala like a gimlet bleeds in an iambic pentameter [ii] and you anesthetize it with a new promise like tender wind melting an ice-cube in an iambic pentameter Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com About the Poet: Palash Mahmud is a bilingual writer, book critic based in... Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays from Ephemeral Elegies!

2022 has been another great year for Ephemeral Elegies. This community of poets has continued to grow and thrive, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to continue connecting with so many inspiring individuals. I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season. We won't have any new posts in December, but stay tuned for... Continue Reading →

Tinder Heart by Patrick Key

Desperation leads to the path of love. There is nothing magical about blood. The moonlight is my only family. They say that emotional cheating is part and parcel to becoming a loved one, and yet, nobody volunteers their soul. I dream that my brood will share my bloodline. Even though I cannot stand how you... Continue Reading →

Inner Antipathy by Francis DiClemente

I want to be someone other than me. I look in the mirror and my face incites enmity. Photo by Evelyn Chong on Pexels.com About the Poet: Francis DiClemente is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker who lives in Syracuse, New York. He is the author of six poetry collections, most recently Outward Arrangements: Poems (independently published, 2021) and Dreaming... Continue Reading →

Drowned by Les Brown

That day, my father lost his path as he tipped his lips to the sky. Clouds began to gather, thin on a distant horizon. When he lost his job, the dark threat rose beyond the Blue Ridge valley. When he sold our mountain land and fields, I could hear thunder roar in the distance. Darkness... Continue Reading →

Language by John Tustin

The noises echo at night With no one else on the street. There are no streetlamps And the headlights have to do too much work. I try to interpret the signs, The sounds as best I can Because I can hardly see anything. Since I moved here I’ve forgotten much more Than I’ve learned. Since... Continue Reading →

Aftermath by Lynn White

How can it be that someone I don't see, only think about sometimes, but never contact, or try to, leaves such a gap, in their final leaving. My life has not been changed. All is the same. So why the difference now that you're really in the past, when you were already part of my... Continue Reading →

Mourning Lament by Diana Raab

(After: “Ode with a Lament” by Pablo Neruda) Such death within our heart’s chambers: the beloved lamenting under the temples’ arches, coming alive again as we call to them, desperate to make sense of their death. And we move together slowly, one step at a time toward another dance, another life, in which we would... Continue Reading →

April Night by David Dumouriez

It’s cloudy, and your moon seems smudged: silver thumb on black-blue night. I look up, knowing that you look, knowing we complete three angles: earth to star, to earth. Knowing that the much between is nothing, not to those enraptured. Not to us. Regret the time what intervenes attracts. Curse the day the world means... Continue Reading →

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