Tag Sale by Kathryn Sadakierski

The items you once owned, And loved, Are arrayed on the driveway, Values affixed to all their years On stickers numbered with pen. Pages once read, thumbed carefully, Will be creased by someone else. As you parcel out these pieces Of yourself, They reach untouched corners of the Earth, And you wonder about their reborn... Continue Reading →

Bail by John Tustin

The water streaming in from a million little holes And swirling around my white and increasingly frail Ankles I look for you To help me bail And I call your name And the water spurts in In otherwise silence To my knobby white knees As I watch it rise And I bail Calling Calling your... Continue Reading →

Recognition Poem by Ari Bouse

A positive self-talk mantra asserts that the energy of recognition helps you take a different look at yourself. We often have a lot of self-criticism, which influences our self esteem in a negative way. Fear is often the barrier for doing what we really wish to do. Recognize yourself! Recognize others! Devil inside, are you... Continue Reading →

All There Is by Carrie Vaccaro Nelkin

Silence swells the night. I listen for my father’s voice and wait for streetlights to blink on and off, dead bulbs to blaze as I approach. The moon has spoken to me. This autumn—one death, two deaths, three, four. My memory balks, refusing to expose the numbers lining up, the ones I know, the ones... Continue Reading →

Grandma Ann by Arthur Russell

A clattering sound made me twitch back to see it even though I’d been turning away, but it turned out to be the rod clattering slightly in the towel rack, a sound like the clattering of dishes when the children are jumping, which reminded me of the earthquake, a small one, that rattled the china... Continue Reading →

Big Lorraine by pd Lyons

I dreamed my love had found me my children gathered too put down all their weapons eased their hearts cried their fill then they began to play like they did when they were young and when I woke I’d forgotten all my dreaming days were done. I went down to make the coffee sat by... Continue Reading →

Menarch by Stephanie Simpson

I eye the thin stretch of fabric between my legs. I am just eleven years old, but there it is. Silent tears fall. I have used all the rolls of toilet paper But the red doesn’t stop. I hug myself there in the bathroom until Heavy pounding shakes the door. I stand swiftly and pull... Continue Reading →

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