September’s Here by John Grey

Footballs fly from hand to hand. But the swallow show is over. The municipal pool is shuttered. The Providence streets are cluttered with the college bound. Yellow buses flash amber and red. Leaves cling, as best they can, to their greenness. August heat dissipates. September warm feels the part. Flowers still open and close but... Continue Reading →

Dearly Departed by Wayne Russell

Inaccessible words, driven to this point, madness suits the dead stars and the unfeeling universe. Love departed and depleted, it did this not to you, yet to me, thrown into terminus oblivion. This is where wolfs devour, what remains, this heartbreaks' for you, yet you have moved on, just as everyone else does. Photo by Engin... Continue Reading →

The Angels Provoked by Retta Lewis

This can be called suffering. So strong and knowing This moving has become That I ache with wonder--know-- Yet, go under With its moving over me. Like angels Provoked to anger; Like pockets Of dangerous knowledge Surrendering into the depths; Yet, denying, even in death, The existence of the thing; Or that it moved, Or... Continue Reading →

Tears of Ash by Prarthana Vijayakumar

Parched dry, fill this desert with tears the drifting wind carries your scent the stillness echoes our forgotten names time bears the ash of our memories. Photo by Dexter Fernandes on About the Poet: Prarthana Vijayakumar is a young poet whose work has recently appeared in Minute Magazine. Poetry serves as a window to her... Continue Reading →

Forbidden Planet by Tony Pena

Not personal but business, the set of circumstances that brought the orbits of our planets together through decades worth of solar storms like the links of logic in a Venn diagram. With the area of your aura defined and spoken for, I can only drop a throwaway line into the ether or an ever so... Continue Reading →

Wings by Alan Cohen

I never could master The use of wings Nor is it something any bird could teach me With a flight IQ of 20 My envy of seagulls Is bitter and intense I stand on the ground Watching them veer and circle Wishing myself aloft But flapping wildly I fall from the sidewalk into the canal... Continue Reading →

The Fox in Me by Cara Feral

Gender Dysphoria, there I finally said itIt’s cruel mythological paradox between my soul and bodyLike Laelaps the hound that always caught its preyand the cunning, Canis Minor that she never caughtI tried to escape it, drink, and ignore it awayI stashed it for years underneath my childhood psychosisNext to my box of tattered bird feathers,... Continue Reading →

Mermaids by Joan Colby

They dreamed of sirens whose haunting arias Could whisk them willingly to oblivion, Shipwrecked with lust. Who would resist the chance, Roped to the mast like Odysseus to risk The heightened edge of consciousness, Not quite blacked out but almost. Any seal or manatee might be a mermaid Willing to trade her tail for love... Continue Reading →

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