Poppie by Tony Pena

In the honey chocolate expanse of your eyes the husks of your tears seize like cut seeds of opium carried East on flurries from the Lakes , bearing such a bounty of beauty and courage but to leave one craving to share in your sparks of spunk and revel in the absolute pleasure of inhaling... Continue Reading →

Memento Mori by Saharsh Satheesh

Night drops like shadows when the sun abides, casting only darkness, without the outlines. But venture outwards, thousands of miles and, the dwarfed outline of yourself appears. For it is time and ego that anchors us to this world, and without light or shadows, never would we realize the inevitability of death. Photo by Pixabay... Continue Reading →

Rendering by Prarthana Vijayakumar

The apricot trees  hum their own melody falling in beat  to the levanter's symphony I utter hushed notes the silence of a doused fire. Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com About the Poet: Prarthana Vijayakumar is a young poet whose work has recently appeared in Minute Magazine. Poetry serves as a window to her soul and... Continue Reading →

In Mind by Ellie Onka

catalpa, heart-shaped and boney your daddy died years ago, in redress of his mind, where I leave my fingers on the stone, and I’ll never see him, he is just a rock he is just a worm; you’ve been in my mind but never knew me, I tire; death is half the stradivarius of the... Continue Reading →

Acoustics by Alan Cohen

Cloistral voices and footsteps Tamped and reflected Down the corridors of the Stedelijk museum and the centuries Are what I become on my bench Before all falls silent As at a crisis in a ball game After a chorus of the St. Matthew Passion in a cathedral Or at the beach after a series of... Continue Reading →

Haiku Quartet by Thomas Zimmerman

1 swaying sunlit spruce perpetual hope machine shadows come and go   2 cold rain, empty page darker muse’s fuzzy wings crocheted, crotchety   3 stay out of the weeds good advice for life, not art seeds cling high as knees   4 Mozart concerto violins sawing coffins teach us how to live Photo by... Continue Reading →

Dearly Departed by Wayne Russell

Inaccessible words, driven to this point, madness suits the dead stars and the unfeeling universe. Love departed and depleted, it did this not to you, yet to me, thrown into terminus oblivion. This is where wolfs devour, what remains, this heartbreaks' for you, yet you have moved on, just as everyone else does. Photo by Engin... Continue Reading →

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