Breathing Ballad by Jodie Baeyens

If you never again picked up a pen and scrawled sweet odes to my beauty and strength across a page, it would be no matter to me. You would remain my breathing ballad. The way you stand taller when you see me enter the room... The words you write across my naked body with your... Continue Reading →

The Breathtaking Winter by Marius Alexandru

Purplish sunsets laydown shadows of hope and expectations upon the asleep forest, Delicate nuances of white, reflecting the light on the gleaming snow transcend us in a divine realm. A fascinating crystalline exhibit of ice flowers, hand-painted on our windows inspires our muse, The gentle snowflakes' dance invites us to unity, bringing happiness. A magical... Continue Reading →

DEATH (REVERSED) by Robert Beveridge

Things are stacked against the wall. Boxes, suitcases, shelves, toys, fans. The movers will be here next week; all that is left is to break down those last essentials for the final night: bed, computer desk, vodka, mixers, a single glass. It is easier this time than last, only one person’s life packed away, one... Continue Reading →

On Ice by Aurora Bishop

I was waiting for something to happen – anything, a sign. The man came up behind me he couldn’t have known I was already scared of his footsteps as I am of all faceless noise. But this man, he keeps walking steps up to the frozen lake throws a walnut against the ice – where... Continue Reading →

The Keepsake by Kelly Sargent

You kept a rusty Bugs Bunny tin of marbles in our bedroom on the shelf you thought I couldn’t reach because you dreamt they might be worth something Someday. I found one under your bed this morning when I was clearing out Mom’s house and your side of the room exactly as you had left... Continue Reading →

Strangers Meeting Again by pd Lyons

I am still in those same places rough loose floor boards Unfinished walls Thin white paint Curtainless windows Ancient sails of sky as if this road embarking for foreign parts could ever leave behind the cities we were born in. Photo by Plato Terentev on About the Poet: Born and raised in the USA.... Continue Reading →

Drifting Aimlessly by Palash Mahmud

Under the shower, a horde of driblets thrust on my skin, so forcefully. My skin got wrinkles I lull myself, saying there there, so soulfully Whatever, saved my mind like a folding star, still yearning for new light My mind is tender like autumn breeze, still drifting aimlessly. Photo by Ekrulila on About the... Continue Reading →

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