Ratio by Tobias Maxwell

The devastation that loss brings Shocks the stamina, unnerves the system. Pain is measured in miniscule increments Like the dissemination of a thousand cuts Layered on an inch of perilous skin.   The call to action of our consciousness Elevates momentarily before retreating into stillness. The rallying cry will not happen any time soon. The... Continue Reading →

When You’re Gone by John Grey

Your ghost appears in my doorbell, just like Jacob Marley.   It floats from the ceiling cobwebs, emerges out of the bare kitchen bulb.   It has no eyes, just dark sockets  with even deeper darkness behind. And its mouth opens wide, in a silent moan and groan.   That’s when the phone rings and... Continue Reading →

I Apologize by Yash Seyedbagheri

I apologize for apologizing but my voice is too sharp and a flick of my arm too flippant and don’t forget my jokes are about hillbillies and royals and incest a train crash joke for good measure   it’s the world, hopeful humor doesn’t fit anymore and if I don’t look like I’m paying attention... Continue Reading →

Descent by Sanjeev Sethi

The lasso of loneliness enmeshes me in its fold. I equip myself to deal with its duress.   When words dance on the mosh pit of my mind I sidestep them to the keyboard.   This enables them to bunny hop onto the page for posterity. Photo by go_go_photos on Pexels.com About the Poet: Sanjeev... Continue Reading →

Together by Jodie Baeyens

In a world where we constantly ask, What’s next? I want to be your steady.  Your lighthouse in the dark.  Your umbrella in the rain.  The sheath for your sword.  Whatever the world throws  At us next — We fight together.  Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com About the Poet: Jodie Baeyens was deposited in... Continue Reading →

The Black Hole by C.F. Leach

Depression is like a black hole in space; That devours all your positive thoughts and leaves you without a trace… Or a clue as to who you are or what you should do. Making you cross-examine your inner self: “Are you really you?” A bottomless pit so deep, negative and strong; Constantly emitting thoughts to... Continue Reading →

California Modern by Steve Wittkoff

Late afternoon beach light Bronze, bronze, bronze North and Central American flesh On Disney beach towels Eastern European, Korean, Sri Lankan and Japanese flesh On Disney beach towels Bronze, bronze, bronze, even if it’s a spray Surfboard in a photoshoot that a gray haired man watches He has an admiring smile on skin he’s happy... Continue Reading →

Inoculated Love by R. Gerry Fabian

The first time you held my hand, I felt a tactile bonding. Weeks later, our first kiss sent lightning flash shivers from my lips to my knees leaving me barely able to stand. Now, lying in bed with perspiration beads conjoining in a sensual salve. I am immune to anyone  but  you. Photo by Min... Continue Reading →

Sparrow by Catherine Zickgraf

I know there’s nothing God can’t forgive,                    as Bible-study ladies have told me for decades.   In my mass of archives is a button box   from each of my grandmothers, lost  inside bins of files in dining room corners  of the dream house he built for me.      My mind broke ten months into the year ... Continue Reading →

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