Indigo by Eric Persaud

Packed us up shipped us off across seas Indian to Caribbean lowest caste captive labor   Chains torn indigo to gold settled again away up North among new faces for raw hopes   Where we are told Go back home! And we would if only we knew what was home Photo by Pok Rie on... Continue Reading →

Vestiges by Laura Stringfellow

We are driving home. Dark stretches across the sky. Rain thumps the windshield. From the back seat, my gaze is steady on the glass, moving lines of rain held between the profiles of my parents―my mother's black hair against the seat, the rigid musculature of my father.   Square lighted windows of houses glare like... Continue Reading →

Building Blocks by Fabrice Poussin

Seeking a purpose on the curious island surrounded by land to the farthest peaks lush prairies devoid of what he once knew. Abandoned was the hope of a kin stranger in the lives of those once near not even a plea could reach his teary gaze. Space empty as the cosmos imprisoned his flesh tighter... Continue Reading →

Habibi by Andrea Festa

Seated in Sukhasana, head over heart heart over pelvis, I lower my gaze to my chest. Large pores, nascent stages of wrinkling, span my cleavage. Boldly on display, joining blood blisters and freckles and fine baby hairs. I’m proud of these marks. My mom has them. My aunt, too, who bronzes better than all the... Continue Reading →

All My Failures by J.J. Campbell

her lovely eyes remind me of all my failures   each kiss a weapon aimed directly at this darkened heart   i'm too stubborn to count my blessings   this depression will slowly kill me   even if the most beautiful woman in the world does everything she can to stop it Photo by Jonathan... Continue Reading →

Bury Me Deep by Lynn White

Bury me deep in the tall meadow grass and bury me deep in your arms. Lie with me here in the sun ripening flowers where the blue of the sky hides the clouds. Bury me deep in your cool white sheets and kiss my eyes and my mouth. And as the warmth of your body... Continue Reading →

Desert Wind by Cara Feral

There is no romance in this land just tiny elf owlets begging in desperate chorus from their hollowed saguaro  for their mother’s catch and the ferocious beating of insect wings against the searing air like the dying gasp of an old plodding bass drum Everything is poisonous or stings or pricks or bites Behind the... Continue Reading →

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