My White Dove by John Grey

You have the innocence – no doubt about it –
and your beauty’s long been welcomed
into the orbit of my eyes.
And then there’s the simplicity –
            the deceptive kind,
            like with your docility
            (somewhat misleading)
curiosity? yes –
and softness – without question –
round most places but straight of spine –
            such an elegant head,
            bright eyes –
and sweetness, ardor,
            worthy of the same breath -
always a herald of comfort and peace,
never less than companionable –
if you were a bird,
you’d be like every dove,
as a person,
            you’re you only.
Photo by Garfield Besa on

About the Poet:

John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident. Recently published in
That, Dalhousie Review and North Dakota Quarterly with work
upcoming in Qwerty, Chronogram and failbetter.

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