Crysta’s Lullaby by Gloria Buckley

This wound
That holds your heart
Ransom with pain
Resonates out to each of us
Who care so deeply
For your wellbeing.

Promises of light
Etch like scratches on
A frozen window pane
Indistinguishable, inconsolable
Yet we know and we wait
For more moments
Of filtering light
That lingers hope for more than
Mere morsels of hope.

 This pain so poignant
In cries that hallow havoc
In your heart
We hold in silent compassion
With open arms and hearts
And words that can
Only be a feeble, clumsy attempt
In convincing you
That you are deeply needed
In this life,
Captured in a vivid, raw, powerful
Burning living spirit of your baby’s
Warm, soothing, energy
Her living, moving, ever present soul
Beckoning you to rise each morning
From your darkness
And rest easy each night
As she blesses you to sleep
And begs you in your nocturnal
Turmoil to find a reason to live on
Immortalizing her spirit each day. 
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About the Poet:

Gloria Buckley has been a lawyer for 30 years and a writer since birth. Her work has appeared in Prometheus Dreaming, The Red Hyacinth Journal, Rue Scribe, Chaleur Magazine, Me First Magazine, The Defiant Scribe, Hermann Hesse Journal, English Language and Literature. 

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  1. This is so beautiful. The picture is such an amazing choice. My friend from Highschool who lost her 28 year old daughter in a devastating car accident lives and breathes by the sea. To me it’s a seagull’s wink to know there is love. Thank you for this publication. It means so so much, you can’t imagine.

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