Love and Loss by Arthur Lamar Mitchell

If by fortune
We’ve traveled down that long road
With those whom we’ve dearly loved,
Old friends that were always there
Only to precede us slowly one by one
Into that eternal starless night,
                                                  We mourn in silence the loss.
But when a soul-mate passes on,
We feel as if falling into a black hole
Without end a loneliness haunts our days
To leave only relic images in our hearts
And blessed when they return to us in dreams.
Photo by Miriam Espacio on

About the Poet:

Arthur has a recently completed novel – ‘A Grotto in the Sea.’

Poems set to music by various composers-  Lyrics to third movement for voice -chamber symphony: Under a Winter Sky-musicby Michael Moore; Performed by Los Angeles Little Symphony; Lyrics Ten song, Natural World, concept album, ‘Garden of Eden,’ music by Martin Batista; Lyrics to song Rainforest, on album Sax by The Sea – music by Yil; Poetry Recent published – Remembered Arts Journal; Nature Writing; Winterwolf Press; Lagan Online; Classical Poets Society; Corvus Review. –Pushcart nomination.                

Veteran 2 years active duty infantry  – Honorable discharge

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