I Remember by B.C. Mcvay

i remember you
that blank empty expression
no smile to be found
eyes that could and would kill
no happiness anywhere around
only hatred that grew
i take a step back
blinking my eyes
overcome with fear
from a glimpse into the past
while i stood there starring
at the man in the mirror
Photo by Drigo Diniz on Pexels.com

About the Poet:

B.C. Mcvay started writing at a young age as an outlet for a rough childhood, not the worst a child could have but none the less one that had its own difficulties. Over the years the passion slowly faded and was replaced with other outlets. But getting married and having a child B.C. Mcvay once more took up the pen to try and find an escape from the stress and struggles of becoming a husband and father. With the fire for writing reignited, B.C. Mcvay shares his life and struggles through his poetry and prose.

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