Rain by M. Taggart

I don’t write about flowers
or love, or the embrace of a lover
because so many
do this so wonderfully
that I would rather read
their version of beauty
than replay mine.
Instead I write about
how rain watches me-
Eyes dangling, while falling
but cannot speak what is seen
-Who was I to ever think
rain could not see?
And yet I step in puddles-
When I finally look down,
I see myself in wavering form
for each puddle proves how
wrong I had been.
Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels.com

About the Poet:

Matt Taggart is a loving father and husband. Their small family live on the side of a mountain in Maine. Matt graduated from the Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Matt has been published in America’s Emerging Literary Fiction Writers: Northeast Regions, 2019 (Z Publishing House), America’s Emerging Horror Writers: East Region, 2019 (Z Publishing House), Massachusetts’s Emerging Writers; An Anthology of Fiction, 2018 (Z Publishing House), Vita Brevis Press, The Drable, Literary Yard, proletaria, and was nominated author of the month of June, 2018, on Spillwords Press. His short story “Bodies in the Basement” was nominated and elected publication of the month in the 13 Days of Halloween segment on SpillWords Press, 2019. Excitedly, two poems have been selected by Vita Brevis Press for its first poetry anthology, ‘Pain & Renewal,’ (which reached #1 best seller in its category.) Featuring brand new poets alongside Pulitzer-prize winner writers, published authors, and Pushcart Prize-winning poets. Matt’s two selected poems are, “The Abandoned Dawn,” and, “The Birth.” And soon to be announced, “Bodies in the Basement” was voted publication of the year (non-poetic) on Spillwords Press, 2019.

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