Thin Disguise by Michael Igoe

I descend chutes,
by way of sluices,
to enter rapid currents.
You hear me speak only
when fees are granted.
With glowing words
I sing your praises.
I will someday betray your memory
from a fast car window.
I'm more than desperate
to quit the cradle.
Your vitality comes from youth misspent
same as your wisdom.
It's an era recompensed
by your caustic speeches.
Photo by Sebastian Sørensen on

About the Poet:

Michael Igoe. Numerous works in journals online and print. Recent: Avalanches In Poetry Anthology Spare Change(Boston). National Library Of Poetry Editors Choice Award 1997. Twitter: MichaelIgoe5. Urban Realism, Surrealism. I like the Night.

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