Half a Glass of Water by R. Gerry Fabian

     Life doesn't always float on clouds
     sometimes, it wakes you up 
     two hours late
      or it
      leaves you by the side of the road
      in a thunderstorm.
      It can be more of a cold shower
     an empty roll of toilet paper.

      Life plays long shots
      and leaves you
      with kiss expectations
      long after the emotion
      has run away.
     It leaves you waiting
      soon discovering
      that dinner for one
     has become the rule
      rather than the exception.
     just when nothing will surprise you
     life sneaks up behind you
      and gives you that much needed hug
      while flashing a smile
      that says so much more
     than a smile has a right to.
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

About the Poet:

R. Gerry Fabian is a retired English instructor.  He has been publishing poetry since 1972 in various poetry magazines. He is the editor of Raw Dog Press. He has published two books of his poems, Parallels and Coming Out Of The Atlantic. His novels, Memphis MasqueradeGetting Lucky (The Story) and Seventh Sense are available at all ebook publishers including Amazon, Apple Books and Barnes and Noble. He is currently working on his fourth novel, Ghost Girl, scheduled for publication in 2020.

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