Books by Meysa Addeh

I used to read books.
For it is far better to drown in a novel than to drown in a cesspit of morose souls
but I slipped
became curious -

for a little while.

But as I pick my book up on this bitter cold day.
I am reminded of the trail of warmth your breath would leave in my hair, as you whispered curious words into them
your tantalising touches
your incessant fiddling with my soul
and that’s when I realise that mother was right to drown me in books for the entirety of my life.
She’d always hoped I wouldn’t look up
look past them.
away from them.
But she raised a curious girl
at times, a fickle girl

and now I return to my books
with demons on my mind
and you on my tongue.
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About the Poet:

Hailing from London, Meysa Addeh is a member of several poetry clubs including the London Writers’ Network. A new and emerging poet, she draws inspiration from writers such as Warsan Shire and Oscar Wilde. She is currently working on her debut pamphlet, a project which she describes as a covert approach to feminism. You can find her work on her blog; as well as visual rendering of her poems on her Instagram unefilletetue_.

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