Adding Up by Rae Rozman

I loved you about 80% of the time
a fierce love that almost made up for that final fifth in intensity
I guess there should have been flags
red or white or whatever color signifies danger
marking sites of resentment and fear
hitting insecurity more than probability would predict
But love is, as they say, blind
(or at least pretty stupid, or not great at math)
and it seemed like enough at the time
it seemed to be what counted
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About the Poet:

Rae Rozman is a middle school counselor in Austin, Texas. Her poetry, which often explores themes of queer love (romantic and platonic), brain injury, and education, has been published in a variety of literary magazines and anthologies. You can find her on Instagram @mistress_of_mnemosyne where she shares poems, book reviews, and pictures of her rescue bunnies.

2 thoughts on “Adding Up by Rae Rozman

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  1. Your poem powerfully expresses your emotions. Love is such a fickle friend. The part:
    “But love is, as they say, blind
    (or at least pretty stupid, or not great at math)” made me laugh.
    Thanks for sharing.

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