The Character Actor by Joseph Reilly

I was but a character
In the moment I wasn't aware
In those moments I thought I lived a truth
In those moments I was awarded

When we've been awarded the character thrives
I thrived every time until the texts stopped
I was destroyed yet again
I would move into my next character

I'd evolve like a standup comedy bit
Over the years I'd tweak and adjust 
Add a tattoo or an earring 
Earn a degree and work out

I am nothing more than the character they need
Yet I need to be that character 
I ask myself when can the stage lights turn off
When can the room illuminate 

I need the curtain call and the credits
I need the actor to come forward
I need to live a truth
But I also need their currency

I need the security of that eight show play
I need to be spoken about
I need to be adored and loved
I need that spotlight 

Even if she is here
Even if I have her word
That the texts won't stop
I need the script

So I will be nothing but a character
In the moment, this moment, it'll be my truth
In these moments the show continues 
And I will be awarded
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About the Poet:

Joseph Reilly is the author of the novel Vanishing Love set to be released by Adelaide Books in November 2020. He is the current head writer for ShipByMail Services Inc. Joseph’s writing has been published by Monologue Blogger and, among others. He has also penned two self- published contemporary romance novels Hearts and Diners, and Better at Friendships on Amazon along with holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from The New School in New York. You can read all of his work and more at

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