Man by Meysa Addeh

Like the mealworm
which squirms
wrestles, strenuously
against the stubborn beak of the wild bird.
Or the silk dress
that hangs lifelessly on my shoulders
gauche, draping my curves
assembling and accentuating my flaws
I wonder
why the love of a man has never befitted me?
Why it only suffocates me.
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About the Poet:

Hailing from London, Meysa Addeh is a member of several poetry clubs including the London Writers’ Network. A new and emerging poet, she draws inspiration from writers such as Warsan Shire and Oscar Wilde. She is currently working on her debut pamphlet, a project which she describes as a covert approach to feminism. You can find her work on her blog; as well as visual rendering of her poems on her Instagram unefilletetue_.

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