The Angels Provoked by Retta Lewis

This can be called suffering.
So strong and knowing
This moving has become
That I ache with wonder--know--
Yet, go under
With its moving over me.

Like angels
Provoked to anger;
Like pockets
Of dangerous knowledge
Surrendering into the depths;

Yet, denying, even in death,
The existence of the thing;
Or that it moved,
Or wondered,
Or knew.
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About the Poet:

Retta Lewis has been published in Caveat Lector, Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, and CC&D.  Also, three of her poems are to be published in an upcoming issue of Rigorous.  Past work from years ago appeared in:  Onionhead, Wide Open Magazine, Free Focus, and Up Against the Wall, Mother.  She works in a field devoted to the prevention of Domestic Violence.

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