A Brief Moment in Time by Wayne Russell

Make all the pain stop
take it all away, death
shall come like a thief
in the night, lucid, like
a wayward friend.

This heart thrust fourth
a loneliness most could
never fully fathom.

Spiders weave their webs
in midnight silhouette, an
inconclusive rattling of time,
eyes that echo a dawn, never

I held her within the weathered
palm of my hand, for a brief 
moment of time, only to let 
her slip away. 
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

About the Poet:

Wayne Russell is or has been many things in his time upon this planet, he has been a creative writer, world traveler, graphic designer, former soldier, and former sailor. Wayne has been widely published in both online and hard copy creative writing magazines. From 2016-17 he also founded and edited Degenerate Literature. In late 2018, the editors at Ariel Chart nominated Wayne for his first Pushcart Prize for the poem Stranger in a Strange Town. “Where Angels Fear” is his debut poetry book published by Guerrilla Genesis Press.

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