There are Some Things by John D. Robinson

I can guarantee,
I won’t be killed by a
Great White shark as
I swim in the English
I will never rob a bank,
I guarantee that I am
without ambition of
any kind and I love
cats and wine,
I can guarantee
that I won’t perish in
outer-space or by a
pistol duel at dawn
or make love to
Hepburn,  hear Lady
Billie Holiday sing
or hold Monroe’s
fuck! there is so
much I can guarantee,
towering over
the invincible
that I will
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About the Poet:

John D Robinson is a UK poet: hundreds of his poems have appeared in print and online: he has published  several chapbooks and four full collections of his poetry: ‘Red Dance’ was recently published by ‘Uncollected Press’ USA:

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