Night Air by Tobias Maxwell

I want to steal the night air,
Make it my captive. Bathe my skin
With its dewy magic. The starlit
Spray that fills my lungs, replenishes
My spirit. I’m reminded of being alive
In the stillness between midnight and dawn.
The lushness evoked by the crickets’ hymn,
A song that sends my soul searching
For meditative adventures in the land of solitude.
When the moon carves out shadows
Against the walls of sleeping houses,
When the outline of clouds can only be guessed at:
Clever nighttime, you soak your revolution deep into my pores.
The undulation of my steps along the lonely sidewalk heard by few.
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About the Poet:

Tobias Maxwell is the author of three novels, The Month After SeptemberThe Sex and Dope Show Saga, andThomas; a novella, And Baby Makes Two; three memoirs, 1973—Early Applause, 1977—The Year of Leaving Monsieur and 1983—The Unknown Season; and a poetry collection, Homogium.   

His material has appeared in, Balita and Mom…Guess What Newspapers, in The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide, WorldsLA Edge, Art & UnderstandingNew Century and The California Therapist Magazines. His one-act play, The Mary Play was republished in 2014 by Black Lawrence Press in Art & Understanding: Literature from the First Twenty Years of A&U.  You can find more by visiting his website and blog at:

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