Taking Another Road by Tori Campbell

Uncertainty follows behind 
Every moment
Like a shadow
I can pretend it’s not there
But my sense of control
Is but an illusion
My power stems from lack of reaction
The environment will do as it pleases
Circumstances of a higher power
Mind of infinite abilities
If we use the muscles correctly
Maybe we can control more
Shift and bend reality
Transform our perception
Redirect our energy
Wake up from autopilot
Life can be so much more
If we free ourselves
From the self-imposed limits
The lies and expectations
A neatly paved path
Traded in
For a rustic and disorderly experiment 
Is it worth the risk?
To give up everything
For the hope of something greater
Deeper fulfillment
High expectations
Or false hope? 
And misunderstanding.
Which path is right
And when will it be too late to turn back?

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

About the Poet:

Tori Campbell is a recent engineering graduate who loves to read, write, travel, and explore the world. She enjoys exciting adventures that she can write about and impulsive decisions that make for really good stories. Her writing covers a variety of topics from mental health & trauma to societal issues & non-conformity. She hopes to one day design parks and create interactive installations as a career, travel to every country, and publish many books. 

One thought on “Taking Another Road by Tori Campbell

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  1. “Which path is right
    And when will it be too late to turn back?”

    Such thought provoking questions, from a poem well crafted. The wonder and questions searching possibilities.

    Liked by 1 person

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