We Shall Meet Again by Suchoon Mo

as I left long ago
I knew we would never meet again
any time
in this world
that is not ours

yet I know we shall meet again
some time
in some world
that is ours
Photo by Riccardo Bertolo on Pexels.com

About the Poet:

Suchoon Mo lives in the semiarid part of Colorado.   His recent poems appear in Aji, Rabid Oak,North Of Oxford, Literary Nest, Literary Yard, Modern Literature, Modern Poets Magazine, Jonah Magazine, Scarlet Leaf Review, Blue Lake Review, Aramrolla, All The Sins.

3 thoughts on “We Shall Meet Again by Suchoon Mo

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  1. Thank you for your comments about my poem. Also, I appreciate the very evocative photography of Riccardo Bertolo. The poem alludes to the elegiac division of Korea into North Korea and South Korea, and the tragedy which followed such power politics. This world is not the world of people of Korea. Their own world may come, or may not come.

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