Lost Without You by Marius Alexandru

Lost, wandering the dark paths of my empty soul,
Suspended between earth and paradise,
With this sharp pain and dreams beyond my control,
My thoughts of you like silent stars arise,

The only light I see it’s in your eyes,
The only sound I hear is from your laughter,
and from the love’s arrow that flies and flies,
for our lost love chasing after.

Why are you hiding now, my love?
Or maybe you are yet unborn?
I’m mourning silently like a deep hurt dove,
There are no roses without a thorn.

I thought I could survive alone,
But I am lost forever without you,
I am like a cold, gray, broken stone,
Come back to me, let’s start anew.
Photo by Daniel Absi on Pexels.com

About the Poet:

Marius Alexandru born, and raised in Arad, Romania, came to the United States in 1997, where he currently lives with his wife.
His passion for poetry started as a child, and he has been writing poetry since his adolescence.
He is the author of a few Romanian Christian poetry books, including “Fosnetul Pasilor din Duzi”, “Scaldati in Susurul Bland al Harului”, “Doruri Sfinte”, English Poetry “Ring of Fire-Poems”, and many other poems in both Romanian and English languages.  

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