Omnipresent by Aida Bode

God is in your closed eyes,
when your mouth rests on mine.
I taste his longing to escape,
but all I can give him
is my own prison.
God is in the absence of your touch
as your hand releases my shoulder
leaving chills of a confused zephyr
on my skin.
God is in the silence,
in the chasm and quiet,
in that calm that makes one
feel the essence of their breath.
God is in the gentle breeze,
the unnoticed air
the transparent tear that softly bends
the blade of grass.
God is at the end of the song
you dedicated to me,
the one that made us both still
with distance and freewill
God is at the failure our image
as we both stop singing
only for a while
God sleeps.
There's an alarm clock
that makes my lips
tick tock
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About the Poet:

Aida Bode is a poet, writer, and translator, published in a variety of online and print magazines. In 2017 Aida was a Pushcart Nominee by West Texas Literary Review.

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