Time’s Thief by Gloria Buckley

Our nocturnal conversations

Have ceased

You are gone

You are fading

Into past tense

Just me.


This Pandemic

Time’s thief

And my fleeting moments

Of peace with you

Holding you one last time.


I remain heartbroken

Less angry

More pensive than sorrowful

Still easily tears tug quickly

The abyss of your life

A blinding dark unforeseen silence.


Today’s emotional corrections

Are cruel and filled with disappointments

In the living and lazy

Betrayals and mistrust

Replace Remembrances

That will forever remind me

Of how your love

A legacy you cast

A comfort

For all eternity.
Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

About the Poet:

Gloria R. Buckley has been published by The Write Launch, Formal People Journal, Ephemeral Elegies (twice), Me First Magazine, Rue Scribe, The Star Dust Review (twice), Defiant Scribe, Academy of Heart and Mind, Chaleur Magazine, Prometheus Dreaming, Red Hyacinth Journal, Sensations Magazine, Alcoholism Magazine, Chimera Magazine, Journal of English Language and Literature, Hermann Hesse Page Journal, Virginia Woolf Blog, Focus Magazine, Chimera Magazine and many other journals of poetry and prose.  She was born a writer and is a lawyer for over 30 years, holds a JD, BA & MA with Distinction in English Literature.

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