Memory of a Girl by Timothy Resau

She stood where the soil was tender.

She saw the wind ripple and wave.

Her pond and lake were dry,

her hair smelled of salt and sea.


She was here for love.


Still, even now, she returns,

watching and waiting.

The earth is damp, though, smells of clay …

she will not leave.    
Photo by Dmitriy Ganin on

About the Poet:

Timothy Resau has been internationally published. Most recently his poems and prose have appeared in Anti Herion ChicSideways Poetry Magazine, Sylvia Magazine, The Beautiful Space, Loch Raven Review, Poetry Quarterly, Babel Tower Notice Board, Native Skin, Better than StarbucksFictional Café, and Burrow, among others,. He’s just completed a novel Three Gates East.

8 thoughts on “Memory of a Girl by Timothy Resau

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  1. Reminiscent of the dreamy and romantic; vivid, and just enough detail to make me wonder at its deeper meaning not readily there on the surface. Thanks for sharing.

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