The Mime by Timothy Resau

The mine stands before the audience and pretends to cry.

He wears the night’s performance like a new suit.


The sun dries the sea with anxious eyes burning down—

a rhapsody of dreams expiring.


As wingless as a bee the mine blinks, and moves in circles,

faceless as a stone …

a vapor reflection in a clear mirror, the mime becomes wind,

arguing amongst the garden trees.
Photo by Wendy Wei on

About the Poet:

Timothy Resau’s Prose & Poetry have recently appeared in PoeticaAbstract Magazine TV,  Soul-Lit, Lothlorien PoetrySuperpresent, The Poet, The Decadent ReviewGreen Ink PoetryRed Wolf Editionse.ratio, The Sparrow’s Trombone, Better than Starbucks,  Fictional Café, Poetry QuarterlyBlazeVOX, Ephemeral ElegiesThe Metaworker, KGB Bar Literary Journal, in Origami Press.

Find him at

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