Tinder Heart by Patrick Key

Desperation leads to the path of love.

There is nothing magical about blood.

The moonlight is my only family.


They say that emotional cheating is

part and parcel to becoming a loved one,

and yet, nobody volunteers their soul.


I dream that my brood will share my bloodline.

Even though I cannot stand how you talk.

Like a bird over my ear, demeaning.


“The moonlight is my only family”,

I whisper to my pillow, prefacing

my dreamscape, knowing it to be barren.


And still, they say I’m too emotional.

Even when I’m desperate to be loved.

So still, I remain in my mind. Dreaming. 
Photo by Isabella Mariana on Pexels.com

About the Poet:

Patrick started writing seriously later in life, thanks to the help of a poetry class during his undergraduate years. His works have appeared in Better Than Starbucks, Slant, and Sparks of Calliope, among others. He is also the founding editor of Grand Little Things. More can be found at https://patrickkeywriter.com/


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