28 by Jeniya Mard

an elegy for my sister

You were seven when I was born, 

and they say you lived 

the lives of many people

and in under thirty years. 

you experienced millions

of smiles, laughs, and tears

woven into ten thousand, 

three hundred and twenty-one days

of love.

and for the rest of my days 

I promise to live by your love 

knowing that you are at peace

even if my heart will never know

the feeling of being one piece again

as for every sunrise and set I see,

I know that in seven years, 

I will be ten years older 

than you will ever be. 

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

About the Poet:

Jeniya Mard is a writer from Metro Detroit, Michigan, and has a passion for writing fiction and poetry. She has been writing for years and believes in the good in everyone. She has had her writing published in Marrow Magazine, The Central Review, Sky Island Journal, and others. 


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