Full Circle – Revised by Timothy Resau

The beginning of each dream,

like your hand in mine—


A shower of humans,

or meeting in the forest,

but then, you—just you!


(If so) I know the stars are real,

and earth has islands of Heaven.


Sometimes I bleed too much,

realizing how mortal—


Awake from the perfect dream,

drowsy though afraid.


I people the world

with artistic aims,

building another day with you.
Photo by Rafael Cerqueira on Pexels.com

About the Poet:

Timothy Resau’s poems, essays, & fictions have appeared internationally in Ephemeral ElegiesPaddler Press, Defuncted JournalNew Pop LitZiN Daily, Discretionary LoveFictional CafeAlternate RouteFront Porch Review (photos)Origami Poems Project “Z”, a Micro-Clapbook, PoeticaBeautiful Space, Lothlorien Poetrye.ratio, Superpresent, Better than Starbucks, KGB Bar Literary JournalDecadent Review,among others. Find him at www.words-by-tim.com & Timothy Resau (@Timothy Resau) / Twitter


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