Trifecta by Wayne F. Burke

I had a triple bypass surgery and
died on the table
and was revived:
did not know of
my demise until I read the
doctor's report on 
his desk while his back
was turned to me.
One out of every thousand
they said, before wheeling me
to the operating room door
where the doc stood with
his team, all in hairnets and
blue scrubs--
"any questions?" the doc asked.
"Let's do it," I said.
They ran the
stretcher into the stadium, under
the lights.

Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. on

About the Poet:

Wayne F. Burke’s poetry has been widely published in print and online. He is author of eight published poetry collections and a book of short stories. He was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2022 and Best of the Net in 2021 and 2020. He lives in Vermont.


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