Painful by Brian Hardie

I’m strolling 
      about the city 
    deeper now at a calm… 
 inside the handsome 
sunglass setting swung
 roses like a blind planetarium 
       kindness now you will obtain   
    numb syntax 
       expressive to wit   
     perhaps a breath 
          pencil it in 
   death was thrown last evenin'
      frosted by a smile 
               with burden 
    creating the end/
       putrid breath from across 
      the room who placed a bet 
 on only their weakness 
stands corrected 
        the mumbling blush 
embarrassment scoring.        
pointless as.             
        they pile up 
Photo by David Skyrius on

About the Poet:

Brian Hardie is an interdisciplinary artist and multi instrumentalist from Portland, Oregon. He has contributed works of photography, poetry and sound art to publications around the world including The Bitchin Kitsch, Blazevox, Decanto, Amulet, and Conceit Magazine, and has had work featured at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and The Portland Art Museum. He has also traveled the country touring in punk bands and performing spoken word since the age of 17.


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