Into this Subtle Light I Stare by David Dumouriez

Night is only night -

the years will tell us that.

Dark, in all its many shades,

is more a constant presence

than an overlooking threat,

the pointer to that subtle light ahead

 that focuses our thoughts, 

diffuses dreams, and

frames our current truths.

And so, and so I look,

and I construct and deconstruct,

and every picture’s centre

looks the same.

The details change:

some colours shift

and some remain,

but any vision starts 

and ends with you.

Into this subtle light I stare

with eyes abright.

And in this subtle light I find

my visions of reality:

all I know is all I feel;

all I feel is all I want;

all I need.

In thoughts of mine, your skin

the milky dream I sink in.
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About the Poet:

David Dumouriez was born, has lived a bit, and will probably die.

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