Foggy River by Marius Alexandru

The dreams flew shrouded in gray,
The mist settled like a quilt of smoke,
A magic veil that obscured the way
as the river whispered secrets as it spoke.

A mirror reflecting the unknown,
Like a cloak of mystery hiding the truth,
The fog disguises what it has shown;
the sad memories of my wild youth.

And so the foggy river flows and flows,
like a masterpiece of hidden art,
A perpetual riddle that only God knows,
that beats within the human, anxious heart.

Its water surface is smooth and still,
A canvas, waiting for God's pen and will.

*Inspired by the picture  "Foggy River" by Kaden Classen*
Photo by Aleksandr Gorlov on

About the Poet:

Marius Alexandru, born and raised in Arad, Romania, came to the United States in 1997, where he currently lives with his wife. His passion for poetry started as a child, and he has been writing poetry since his adolescence.
He is the author of a few Romanian Christian poetry books, including Fosnetul Pasilor din Duzi, Scaldati in Susurul Bland al Harului, Doruri Sfinte, and English poetry Ring of Fire, Reflection of Thoughts, and many other poems published in Poetry Anthologies during the years in both Romanian and English languages.


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